Heat your home with air source heat pumps

If you're currently using heating oil, LPG or electric to heat your home, you could save money on your heating bills and have greater control over your heating.you could save money on your heating bills and benefit from Government financial incentives as well as have greater control over your heating.

How does it work?

When asked how heat pumps work people often say “they work like a fridge but in reverse”. Which is fine if you know how a fridge works, but if you don’t it leaves you somewhat in the dark! So how do they work? The key to the way they work is a compressor and a refrigerant. Heat from the air is absorbed at low temperature into a fluid (the refrigerant). This fluid then passes through a compressor where its pressure and temperature is increased. It then transfers its heat to the heating and hot water circuits of a building. In this manner an air source heat pump can always extract heat energy from the air as long as there is a temperature differential between the refrigerant and the outside air temperature. Importantly, with current technology and the range of Air Source Heat Pumps we install, this process can be carried out efficiently right the way down to -15°C.


  • Can heat your home as well as your water
  • You don’t need a Gas Supply
  • Air Source Heat Pumps live outside, so unlike a gas or biomass boiler, they don’t take up any room inside your home.
  • Easy to install – they don’t require as much space as Ground Source or Biomass systems and only take a few days to install.
  • Low maintenance – they require very little maintenance and have a life span of well over 20 years.
  • Because they run at lower temperatures they are a perfect heat source for underfloor heating systems and when correctly sized can be retro fitted to radiator systems and regulate the temperature of your house more efficiently


Your heat pump should be looked at once a year by a professional installer, this ensures that you RHI payments can continue and any conditions of manufacturer’s warranties are met.

Yes, all Air Source Heat Pumps we install come with at least two years parts and labour warranty. Extended warranties of up to seven years are available, details of these can be provided on request.

Yes, we offer service contracts with monthly, quarterly or annual payment schedules. Details of the different levels we offer are available on request.

Not necessarily. Air Source Heat Pumps can work with your current radiators depending on their size, we will measure all your radiators to see if they are sufficient at our no obligation site survey prior to offering you a quotation.

No, we can utilise your existing 240v supply to power the Heat Pump.

Only the best quality heating systems

We are approved installers of Samsung, NIBE and Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pumps. We have selected these products for their high quality and long warranties.

Government incentives

Government incentives are still available under the Domestic RHI and Non Domestic RHI scheme which have been extended to run until March 2021.

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And for Commercial rates:

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