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Biomass boilers use a renewable energy source instead of fossil fuels. They are fuelled by burning logs, wood chips or pellet. Biomass is an ideal replacement for fossil fuel boilers. In most cases it can be easily retro-fitted to existing central heating systems. Although the price of wood fuel varies, it is cheaper than other heating options. If you have your own source of timber, you can reduce your heating bill by 100%. Purchased wood pellets and wood chip are significantly cheaper than fossil fuels.

Is a Biomass Boiler suitable for my needs and situation?

When considering whether a biomass system is suitable for you there are several factors to consider.

Firstly it is important to have sufficient space, biomass systems are large typically requiring a space of at least 4 sq metres.

Secondly you will need both storage and appropriate access for deliveries.

NB: Other modifications such as specialist flue’s etc may mean you have to take planning into consideration particularly if you live in a listed property or a conservation area.

What types of Biomass Boilers are available?

Biomass can be separated into three main fuel types Log, Pellet, and Wood Chip.

Log Biomass Boilers


  • This is the cheapest installation and where the greatest savings are found. Log boilers are ideal on sites where cut and seasoned logs are readily available.
  • We can supply and install ETA, Centrometal and Solar Bayer HVS Log boilers suitable for a wide range of heat demands and budgets.


  • A source of high quality chip can sometimes be hard to find, storage and movement of chip can be difficult.

Pellet Boilers


  • This technology is ideal for smaller installations or sites with restricted storage space. The uniform pellets are easy to transport and store and combust efficiently allowing for a system that needs little maintenance.
  • We supply a wide range of pellet boilers from 15kW upwards from, we also offer a large variety of storage solutions for your pellets.


  • Due to the cost of manufacturing the pellets, the savings against fossil fuel aren’t as substantial.

Wood Chip Boilers


  • Unlike log boilers, wood chip boilers can be fed automatically from a store room or silo. Locally harvested wood can be seasoned and chipped, allowing properties to be self sufficient without the commitment needed for a log boiler


  • A source of high quality chip can sometimes be hard to find, storage and movement of chip can be difficult.

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Government incentives are still available under the Domestic RHI and Non Domestic RHI scheme which have been extended to run until March 2021.

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