Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) from Solar Heat Tech

MVHR or Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery is a continuous source of ventilation, which redistributes heat that would otherwise be lost outside and extracts any stale or moisture-laden air and re-generates is as clean, filtered air, giving you fresh and condensation free air in your home or building.

Why install MVHR?

We are now living in increasingly air-tight homes with better insulation, draught proofing and glazed windows, which means properties don’t have a natural air flow through them. This stale air which is caused by cooking, washing, and even breathing then have no way of escape so can build up as damp and mould and condensation. MVHR provides a constant source of ventilation and recycles this poor, stale air therefore eliminating the risk of structural or cosmetic damage caused by condensation and mould. MVHR is also extremely efficient, with the ability to recover 91% of heat loss through extraction and transferring it to incoming air. It can increase the efficiency of your home by up to 30%.

How does it work?

MVHR works by continuously extracting the stale, moist or polluted air from the wettest rooms of a property – for example the kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms. The air passes over a heat exchange cell which recovers and retains the heat which would otherwise be lost from extracted air. This heat is then transferred to incoming fresh, filtered air that the unit is resupplying back into habitable rooms such as the living room and bedrooms. This results in minimal heat losses and a more comfortable indoor environment.

What products do we use?

Silavent and Domus 
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