Heat your home with a wood burning stove

Wood Burners from Solar Heat Tech

We spend more time in our living rooms than any other room. By installing a wood burner not only are you creating a warm and inviting atmosphere but you are also saving energy on your heating system as they are cheaper to run.


We are HETAS approved engineers and our builders are experienced in plastering and in construction of fireplaces. Our installation service includes:

  • Fireplace alterations and making good
  • Hearth supply and fitting
  • Natural stone fireplace surrounds and wooden beams
  • Lining existing chimneys
  • Twin wall systems if you do not have an existing flue in place
  • Installations will be registered and certified through HETAS and in line with current building regulations and in accordance with HETAS and Document J
  • Your flue should be swept on an annual basis (more if you are burning coal).


  • Wood burners are not just for old, larger homes in the countryside. They are incredibly fashionable and you can purchase an increasing range of modern wood burning stoves.
  • With the rising cost of oil and gas, the popularity of wood burners have soared in recent years. It is a relatively straight forward job to pull out a gas or electric fire and install a wood burner.
  • Solar Heat Tech have expert installers to create the perfect surround for any new fireplace and wood burning stove
  • A wood burner is a carbon neutral way to heat a room, too. While burning logs releases CO2, this is the same amount as was absorbed whilst the tree was growing. If a new tree is planted to replace each tree burned, there is no increase in carbon emissions which means burning logs for wood burners is considered carbon-neutral. 


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